Dear Dealers,

Thank you for your interest in the Toledo Doll & Bear Show. We advertise the show extensively with thousands of flyers distributed at shows and major antique malls from Chicago to Maryland and advertise in national magazines. We have a very extensive mailing list of over 2,400 active customers and still believe in mailing those post cards. We also have an email list of around 1,500 and send out e-blasts to remind people of he show. We have over 1,100 Facebook followers on our business page and over 3,000 friends on our personal page that get updates on dealers and show information. We also go live on Facebook to record and advertise events going on at the show including night before set up and interviews with Dealers.

Following is a link to print the contract for the show. The show usually fills very fast and we are known to run a waiting list. The Toledo Doll & Bear Show has brought in as many as 1,500 avid collectors for a single show. We do have day before set up for the convenience of our dealers that travel in from across the US to do this show. That in itself has turned into a great mini-show among Dealers who enjoy having plenty of time to set up their booths as well as having early floor rights. There is no fee for day before early set up on Saturday before the show.

Please take note of all rules for this show, especially those on one and two table booths.
Please click on the following link to review the contract, cost of booths, and rules. In the event you have further questions not covered on the contract, you can reach me on 734 282 0152 between the hours of 10AM and 5PM. Please leave a message if we miss your call.
If interested in doing the show, please email us for space availability and the type of merchandise you sell to Address all correspondence to Sandy Bullock, PO Box 700415, Plymouth, Mi. 48170. Please do not print contracts and send them in without checking with us to see if we have space.