Dear Dealers,

Thank you for your interest in the Toledo Doll & Bear Show. We advertise the show extensively with over 10,000 flyers distributed at shows and major antique malls from Chicago to Maryland and are in several national magazines, which have included the Antique Doll Collector, Teddy Bear & Friends, Dolls, and the UFDC Doll News. Aside from local advertising, we have a very extensive mailing list and still believe in mailing those post cards. Our show ads also appear in the Great Lakes Trader, Collectors Corner, and Auction Exchange publications distributed to homes, shops/malls, and shows throughout Ohio, Michigan & Indiana.

Following is a printable copy of the contract for the Main hall. This area is the show is usually running a waiting list and fills very fast. As you can see by the floor plan, that main hall primarily holds 3 & 4 tables booths and is usually reserved for those in need of night before set up, which runs from 3:00 pm to 8:00 pm. That in itself has turned into a great mini-show amongst Dealers who not only enjoy early floor rights but are treated to complimentary pizza, salad, and soft drinks. Please take note of all rules if placed in this area.

Theater Lobby - Dealers must set up the same day as the show at 7 a.m. through the north entrance of the building by the main parking lot. The Main hall opens to early buyers at 8:30 and to the general public at 10:00 a.m. The Theater Lobby is actually a 133' x 33' room that all customers must pass though to get to the Main Hall. While you will find a bit of everything there, it is primarily where contemporary, crafts, & handmade items are placed. Table rentals are less in the lobby as follows, with less restrictions. (email inquiries)

Lobby Only - $50.00 a table. Depending on room, you may be allowed to bring in extra card tables depending on tables rented. You will be emailed a list of lobby rules if this area is available to rent. We do not know show to show if the Theater Lobby is available until about 2 - 3 months from the show.

Following is a link to the floor plans for both the Main and Theater areas of our show. This floor plan may change slightly from show to show.

If interested in doing the show, please email us for space availability and the type of merchandise you sell to Address all correspondence to Sandy Bullock, PO Box 701848, Plymouth, Mi. 48170. Please do not print contracts and send them in without checking with us to see if we have space.