Following is a list of some of the amazing dealers that are scheduled to do the April 9, 2017 Toledo Doll & Bear show. This list is current as of02-0917 and is subject to change in the event of cancellations. Is in no particular order, but our newest and returning Dealers are featured first. 

Connie & Jay Lowe (PA) – Connie and Jay are new to the show. Connie is well known for her amazing artist dolls. They will also be displaying a wonderful selection of rare high end French and German Dolls.

Gilda Drefher – Gilda of Gildas Fabrics is flying in from MA. She is well known for her amazing and rare selection of fine French trims and lace.

Paulette Buchanan – Paulette is new to the show and is coming in from PA also. She carries a wide variety of Compo, Hard Plastic, and Modern Dolls.

Suzie’s Dolls (OH) – Returning to the show. She always carries an amazing selection of dolls and very interesting toys.

Judy Rankine – A big welcome to Judy Rankine. Judy is a well-known doll artist with some amazing creations.

Janice Kantor – Janice is new to the show and is well known for her wonderful selection of Russian stacking dolls. A favorite with all collectors.

Sherry Seberna – Sherry is returning to the show with a big welcome. She will be bringing in Artist Dolls, Vintage Barbie, New Barbie, Artist and Antique bears. Etc.

Fritizi’s Antique Dolls (IL) – Another one of our quality dealers heading in from Illinois. As always she will have an amazing display of rare & top of the line antique French & German Dolls.

Brenda Yenke – Once again Brenda will be on hand with an amazing selection of vintage and antique bears. She will be doing bear appraisals with proceeds to charity. 

Craig Yenke – Craig is an amazing artist of hand sculptured paper mache animals. We have his website listed under the “Events” tab of this site if you would like to preview his work. 

Bob Severns – Bob, owner of Two Spirit Dolls, is also heading our way from Indiana. He is an amazing artist, and will be displaying his works along with beautiful accessories. 

Linda Dalenberg – Linda is traveling in from West Virginia with a wide variety of quality Dolls, accessories. And toys. She also carries an amazing selection of dresses.

Barbara Hack – Heading our way from Michigan, Barbara always has a huge selection of composition, hard plastic & Modern Dolls. Ginny anyone?

Nancy McCray – (As seen on the “Antiques Road Show) Nancy is new & traveling in from Iowa. She will also be our appraiser at this show. She will be offering a wide selection of quality antique dolls, bears, & toys. She is well known in the industry.

Debbie Winey – Coming in from Indiana with a huge selection of Barbies & her accessories. She has four tables of amazing items for you Barbie collectors. 

Karen Hochradel – One of our wonderful Ohio Dealers with a wide variety of dolls, antique toys, doll clothing, and vintage/antique holiday items.

Charles & Barbara Buysse – Well known to the Gaithsburg circuit & mainstays at our show. . They always have amazing and unusual treasures. Chuck is also one of the top repair people in the US for antique bisque doll repair.

Brigid McHugh Jones – Will be on her way from Richmond Virginia with an amazing selection of high quality and early antique dolls from all genres including china, bisque, paper mache. 

Beth Ryan & Beth Karp – Known as 2 Beths Dolls on Ruby Lane, these two ladies never disappoint with an amazing selection of fine antiques dolls, Toys, Bears, Books, & Supplies. 

Mary Wolande (IL) – A big Welcome back to Mary who carries a wide selection of dolls and accessories.

Betty Stepnowski – Sells under the business name of JD Dollhaven. If you missed Betty on the UFDC selling floor, you can catch up with her here. Always an amazing selection of dolls. 

Sue Brightwell – Susan is another of our Pennsylvania Dealers. She carries the very early and rare dolls of china, wax, and parian. Her table for sure is like a museum 

Linda Cantwell – Another quality dealer heading our way from Indiana. She carries a wide assortment of Compo, Hard Plastic, modern dolls and of course vintage Barbie. 

Ed Pelton & Nancy McGlamery – They must have some amazing items in PA, because they always manage to show up with a rare and wide variety of antique toys, bears & holiday items.

Rosemary Kanizer – Heading our way from Kentucky with a wonderful supply of modern such as Cissy and other Alexanders. Beautiful selection of hard plastics and composition dolls.

Gail Lemmon – Business name of “ALL DOLLED UP”. Gail was a hit on the UFDC Convention floor in Washing DC this past July and I am sure she will be a hit with you. Wide variety of rare and vintage dolls minty and just how you like them. 

Joyce Kintner  – Once again Joyce will be heading in from Pennsylvania to display a wide selection of quality antique and collectable dolls.

Karla Moreland –Karla is coming in from Illinois and always has an amazing display of antique, composition, and hard plastic dolls as well as hard to find antique accessories

Linda Farris – Every little doll needs a hat and Linda is the one to provide with her wonderfully decorated handmade straw hats designed after the antique ones. Measure those doll heads!

Rita Stice – Rita is one of our favorites with a large selection of quality hard plastic, compo, and modern dolls. Also a great selection of antique/ vintage bears and doll clothing. 

Mary Ortwine – Mary is an amazing bear artist who works under the name of Mare’s Bears. Don’t know what to do with mom’ old fur coat? Bring it in and have her make a fur teddy bear! 

Donna Kirsch Smith – Donna heading our way from Indiana. She is a mainstay at the show and always brings in a large display of rare and exquisite French and German antique dolls. 

Nancy Meeker – Business name is Nancy’s Dolls & Antiques – Always has a great selection of all types of dolls and interesting items from Compo, to toys, to vintage holiday items.

Sandy Johnson Barts – Always arrives with a great display and tons of hard to find items and accessories. Carries antique, compo, and hard plastic dolls & just about everything related. 

Elaine Roesle – Elaine is the wonderful artist that creates “Snow Children” for the gift industry. This show is the perfect time to shop for that wonderful holiday gift.

Ron & Robyn Martin – Great dealers heading our way from Georgia. If you missed them in Gaithsburg or Convention, come to the show to see their wide eclectic variety. 

Cindy McGuire – Doing business as China Cupboard. Cindy is a well-known and amazing artist that can create just about any whimsical bear or other type collectable animal. 

Angela Simko – Angela is heading in from Indiana with the usual display of high quality antique, hard plastic, and compo dolls. You can always find a hidden treasure in her booth. 

Judy Crawford – Judy is a local dealer with a wonderful booth full of interesting dolls and toys. Always a great selection of half dolls, doll hats, and other accessories. 

Mary Jane Poley – Always comes to the show with an interesting collection of Antique & collectable dolls and doll clothing. Tons of interesting things on her table every show. 

Judy Smith – A wonderful and talented bear artist. Judy has been featured in international magazines with her tiny creations. All wonderful….how does one make up their mind?

Terri Davila – Another great Ohio dealer with dolls ranging from antique to Barbie. You will find vintage children’s books, paper dolls, and just about anything else on her table. 

Cindy Budin – A great dealer from the Cleveland area with a great selection of all types of antique and compo dolls. Also, a selection of antique doll house items. 

Mary Jo Koets – Better known as Mary Jo’s Enchanted Doll Closet. Always a great supply of fabrics, trims, Doll Clothing., and supplies such as wigs, cording, etc. 

Elaine Wojcinski – Elaine has been doing our show from the beginning and always brings in from IN, a great selection of all types of dolls to include bisque, compo, and hard plastic. 

Stephanie Barth – A great Ohio dealer with a very diverse booth to include antique, compo, modern, artist, and every other doll you could possible think of. Great Artist bears also.

Ronn Sussberg – Ronn is coming in from Michigan with a great selection of rare antique, hard plastic and collectable dolls as well as antique Steiff bears. 

Barb Toska – Just about everything doll and bear related on this ladies table. All types of collectable dolls and a wide assortment of accessories.

Beverly Grabowski – An expert seamstress that has been in international doll magazines. She has won several ribbons in competitions formerly held by the Michigan Doll Makers Association. 

Geniva Crosby – Stationed in Indiana, Geneva is well known throughout the Tri State area and is at most of the Doll Shows with a great assortment of dolls, doll stands, doll clothing, etc. 

Kathy James – Coming in from Indiana with a great supply of different type items such as displays, hats, shoes, doll furniture, doll purses, and all those other hard to find oddities. 

Joe Bartol – Joe is from Lynne’s Dolls and always has a tons of everything to go through on his tables. Parts, clothing, supplies, dolls, etc. Look and you will find…..he for sure has it.

Barbara Edington – Barbara owns Mr. Baileys Daughters Doll Shop in Lambertville, Mi. She always have a great selection of wonderful collectable dolls.

Tracey Tuday & Denise Cunningham – These ladies have an amazing display of every type of vintage doll & bear you can imagine. Of special interest is their doll jewelry creations. 

Lois Berger – Lois has been doing the Toledo Show for years prior to our Management five years ago. Always a great selection of hard plastic, and modern dolls. 

Melinda Hoskins – Melinda is a local doll artist and can do re-stringing outside the show if you live in the area. She carries a great supply of doll making supplies as well as dolls. 

Jo Hollingworth – Bears bears and more bears!! If looking for that perfect teddy bear to take home and love, her booth is a must. Antique/Vintage, Artist, and new bears at every show.

Keatha Shaffer – What would a doll show be like without some great “Re-Born” Dolls. She does an amazing job on these little life like cuties.